Amur Tiger Cub Rescued in Primorye, Russian Far East


On January 26, 2009 the headquarters of the Game and Rare Species Department (Regional Hunting Management Department) received information that a tiger cub had been seen near Avangard village of Partizansky district, Southern Primorye, Russia. No tracks of adult tiger were found hereabouts.

rescuing tiger cubImmediately upon obtaining the information the Department’s inspectors went to the scene to find the animal. Approaching the village the inspectors paid careful attention to the tracks because due to deep snow the tiger cub would likely walk along the road. And so it did. About 100 meters away from the village houses the inspectors encountered dogs’ tracks together with fresh tiger tracks (7 cm/2.8 inches paw size) that was supposedly preying on dogs. The trail led to an abandoned mine. The tiger track
inspectors asked the workers whether they had seen a tiger or heard anything lately. As it turned out there was a dogs’ squabble very recently near the mine building. Among the numerous dogs’ tracks there was one that belonged to the tiger cub. The inspectors spotted an ear of one dog that was torn off and bled what meant the tiger was somewhere around. Having examined the building and underground pipelines they found the scared animal. After blocking the exits the inspectors contacted specialists of the Wildlife Conservation Society-Russia (WCS) who arrived at the place in the evening and finally caught the tiger. The animal was taken over to Ussuriisk town for temporary stay at Ussuriisky Nature Reserve.

tiger cub1The next day tiger specialists conducted an examination of the cub that turned out to be a 3 – 4 months old tigress. The general condition of the cub was satisfactory although it was very skinny. However, now the little tigress gets better and would probably be transported to Utyos rehabilitation centre for wild animals soon.

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