Amur Tiger Killer Found Guilty


On February 22, 2012 a man who killed an Amur tiger in January 2010 was found guilty after a two-year trial. He was sentenced to pay a $6,800 (200,000 rubles) criminal fine and $19,630 (575,125 rubles) in restitution.

The court of Krasnoarmeisky district of Primorsky krai convicted V.G.Kulyabin for killing the tigress. The hunter killed deliberately the stripped predator caught in a trap and intended to sell tiger skin, paws, bones and other body parts. Throughout the trial, the man insisted on his lack of guilt. He claimed to have killed the tiger in self-defense. However, incontestable evidence and three examinations conducted on tiger skin and its remains let to reconstruct a crime scene, to prove that the tigress had died violent death, and to disprove the defendant’s version of tiger attack.

V.G.Kulyabin was found guilty and ordered to pay a $6,800 fine, but he was freed from this punishment because the statute of limitation has expired. The poacher was sentenced to pay $19,630 (575,125 rubles) in restitution although.

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