Anyuisky National Park Asks for Help


 HelpYesterday Director of the Anyuisky National Park Alexander Samarin contacted Phoenix. Alexander explained why he could not go on with protection of the Park: “There only 1250 rubles (equivalent of $40) left on our bank account, and we are not able to pay for fuels to conduct anti-poaching patrols next month.”

The state financing allocated for Anyuisky park for fuel expenditures was insufficient and already spent. Four cars and five motor boats that are used to ensure the protection regime consume more than 2000 liters of diesel, i.e. about 50,000 rubles ($1700) each month! On July 22, the Phoenix Fund launched an appeal to all Russian citizens as part of the “HELP!” project calling to make donations.

Anyuisky national park was established in April 2009 and occupies the territory of 429 000 hectares in the northern part of the Sihote-Alin mountain ridge in Khabarovsky krai. The park includes the northern areal of Amur tiger distribution and is strategically important for rare predator’s conservation. We hope that people won’t stand idly by while the tiger and the whole complex of biodiversity are in danger. This is a chance for everyone to contribute to nature protection and wildlife conservation that we promote.

Phoenix seeks funds to help Anyuisky park all over the world and we are very grateful to all of our supporters.

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