Best Veterinarians Decide Fate of Injured Tiger Cub


On January 13, an injured tiger cub was found in Pozharsky district of Primorye. Primorsky Hunting Management Department specialists immediately arrived on the scene and took the animal to the Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals (PRNO “Centre Tiger”) in Alekseevka village, where now veterinarians are struggling for its life. The examination proved it to be a 5 or 7-month-old male tiger. Specialists noted that the tiger cub was well-fed, with no signs of dehydration.

(c) PRNCO «Tiger Centre»

The cub is now kept in a warm quarantine unit. The animal is in critical but stable condition. “It refuses food but drinks, and shows weak reaction to humans”, says director of PRNO “Centre Tiger” Viktor Kuzmenko.

Serious gunshot wound to the head of the animal does not let veterinarians to perform an operation yet. The tiger cub has a through-and-through head gunshot wound. Now, antibiotics and painkillers are given to the animal.

On Friday, January 20, leading Russian veterinarians will gather at the rehabilitation centre to discuss whether the cub could be operated that day. At the moment, police officers and specialists of Primorsky Hunting Management Department are trying to identify and find criminals. ANO The Amur Tiger Center is ready to pay a reward (150 thousand roubles) for providing information about the crime and aid in the capture of the wanted persons.

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