About Us

The Phoenix Fund was founded in March 1998 and registered in Vladivostok as a Russian non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our efforts are concerned with monitoring closely the wildlife of the region, developing, implementing and administering important projects aimed at conserving the biodiversity of the Russian Far East. In our projects we co-operate closely with foreign environmental organizations and developing links with the local authorities, environmental NGOs, scientists, educational institutions, and the public.

In 2006 Sergei Bereznuk, director of the Phoenix Fund, received a prestigious Whitley Award for Nature for outstanding achievements in his nature conservation work. In June 2012, Sergei Bereznuk became a winner of Rolex Global Awards for Enterprise for his achievements and innovations in tiger conservation.

Our main objectives are:

  • By 2025, to eliminate poaching of Amur tigers, Amur leopards, and their prey species in protected areas;
  • By 2025, to increase by 30% the level of people’s awareness of ecological issues.

  • improving effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in seven protected areas
  • increasing chances for survival of orphaned, injured and sick tigers
  • promoting environmental education and outreach
  • enhancing skills of rangers and educators

Phoenix staff:

Sergei Bereznuk Irina Burtseva
Sergei Bereznuk Irina Burtseva
Director of Phoenix Fund  Deputy Director
Alexander Vrisch Irina Khitrova
Alexander Vrisch Irina Khitrova
Educational Projects Coordinator Accountant
Victoria Parfyonova
Projects Coordinator

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