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The Phoenix team

Phoenix is a mythological bird, which rises anew from its own ashes after death, a symbol of everlasting revival. We, the Phoenix staff, strive constantly to revive our environment and conserve the unique natural heritage of the Russian Far East.

The Phoenix team is a successful blend of talented, committed specialists with life-long experience in law enforcement and/or environmental education and outreach; and younger enthusiasts who promote and advance team projects. In 2006 Sergei Bereznuk, director of the Phoenix Fund, received a prestigious Whitley Award for Nature for outstanding achievements in his nature conservation work. In June 2012, Sergei Bereznuk became a winner of Rolex Global Awards for Enterprise for his achievements and innovations in tiger conservation.

With a combination of backgrounds in education, law enforcement, public relations, ecology, and biology, the Phoenix Fund team collectively brings unique strength and insight to its mission to protect and halt the poaching and illegal trafficking of the endangered wildlife of the Russian Far East.

Phoenix is a member of the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance  (ALTA). ALTA is a unique alliance of Russian and western conservation organizations aiming to secure a future for wild Amur leopards and tigers in the Russian Far East and Northeast China. ALTA members include:

1) 21st Century Tiger,
2) AMUR,
3) David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF),
4) Helsinki Zoo,
5) International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW),
6) Moscow Zoo,
7) Tigris Foundation,
8) Phoenix Fund,
9) Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS),
10) Wildlife Vets International (WVI),
11) Zoological Society of London (ZSL),
12) Wildlife Alliance,
13) Minnesota Zoo,
14) Fondation Segre,
15) Dreamworld.

Phoenix staff:

Sergei Bereznuk Irina Burtseva
Sergei Bereznuk Irina Burtseva
Director of Phoenix Fund  Deputy Director
Alexander Vrisch Irina Khitrova
Alexander Vrisch Irina Khitrova
Educational Projects Coordinator Accountant
Victoria Molchanova
Projects Coordinator

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