Our dreams

Vladivostok Environmental Education Centre


The Phoenix Fund is looking for like-minded people and sponsors to build the Vladivostok Centre for Environmental Education and the first citywide Environmental Theatre.

(c) Phoenix Fund

(c) Phoenix Fund

The Centre could become a joint platform for the public and environmental organizations in Vladivostok, which would host lectures, workshops, round tables and presentations on environmental issues for the youth of the city. Environmental activists, scientists and experts from various organizations would be invited over for public speaking.

(c) Phoenix Fund

(c) Phoenix Fund

The Phoenix Fund has an agreement on the use of the premises of the former club for this project. Currently, funds are urgently needed for internal repairs (about $12,000), as well as for the thematic design of the facade. In addition, funds are needed to design and create sets and costumes for schoolchildren-actors, to purchase necessary equipment.

We invite everyone to join us in this effort!

(c) Phoenix Fund

(c) Phoenix Fund

The natural youth educational centre “EkoLogovo” (ecological den) in Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Nature Reserve


Location: Khanov guarding post at Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Nature Reserve. It is a forest area where a Khanov stream joins river Kunaleyka. The road leading from Terney to Plastun passes in 800 meters from the site. Turn on 39 km from Terney.

Purpose: The majority of people know very little about animal species and plants which are under the threat of disappearance and how fragile and dependent on human actions the wild nature is. Nevertheless, many people wish to conserve the uniqueness of the wildlife and the native land for themselves and their children. Youth is one of the most creative and initiative group of the population that easily absorbs knowledge of the importance of wild nature preservation.
We are looking for funds to create the youth field centre in Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Nature Reserve territory where every child will be able to get acquainted with surrounding plants and animals, ponds, soils, landscapes, minerals and rocks, to touch everything, to study everything and, eventually — to feel the Nature.


Fortunately, the ecological club Uragus, which is engaged in education of children and youth in the spirit of care for nature in the Terneisky district and beyond its limits for more than 30 years, will be able to fulfil this idea.
The youth field centre will be located in Khanov guarding post on the territory of the reserve. This place represents flora and fauna of both taiga and tropical forests. In this area one can see traces of Amur tiger and brown bear on same track. This site will become a ground for experience and knowledge exchange with young and adult guests of the field centre. Ecological tours on specially developed tracks would be conducted. The educators and guides will tell the visitors about a role of each person in preservation of our wild nature. The centre will also be engaged in preparation of new conservation specialists — young inspectors of the reserve, and will introduce visitors to anti-poaching work and methods of scientific research (phototraping, GIS technologies and many other things).
At present stage of project implementation there is a building at the guarding post, the important purpose and ideas worth spreading, but the main value are the people who wish to create and realize these dreams. Join us – make a donation!

Multifunctional Ecocenter for Non-Commercial Organizations

$ 800,000 – $900,000

The Phoenix Fund strives to find sponsors to build a Multifunctional Ecological Center for NGOs near Ryazanovka town, Khasan district. The Eco-center will serve as a year-round community resource for environmental education and ecological events.


Location: The Center is planned to be built in Khasansky district of Primorsky province near Ryazanovka village on lands of a peasant farm in the vicinity of Vladivostok, with fine access roads, in the area with recreational value. The contract of intents was already signed with the owner of the land plot on possible construction of the Eco-house and its further joint operation.


Purpose: The Eco-center would be a year-round stationary venue of the various ecological actions, such as:

• Professional training sessions for rangers of anti-poaching teams, teachers involved  in designing,  implementing and supervising ecological education and outreach projects, staff of nature protection departments and agencies, employees of protected areas, fire-fighting teams, volunteers, etc.;

• Ecological lessons and lectures for children and adult residents of the area;

• Ecological camps for children;

• Conferences, round tables, seminars, meetings of local and international level on environmental protection, preservation of biodiversity, sustainable development policy and climate change problems.

The idea to create such an Eco-center arose a long time ago. The Phoenix Fund and its partner NGOs have been carrying out various ecological events in Primorye on a regular basis for many years. And it is always a complicated task to find proper and affordable premises. Considerable funds are spent to pay for participants’ accommodation, auditorium rental and other accompanying services. Construction of the Multifunctional Eco-center for Non-Governmental Organizations will solve this problem, having provided a unique specialized site for various ecological actions with a long-term benefit to local communities.

The center will serve as a venue for implementation of ecological and sociological initiatives of the communities, non-governmental organizations, officials and some other interested public parties. There would be an opportunity to create a co-working space for independent activities of the people who can share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with like-minded people in the same place.

To increase floor space capacity the entry level with kitchen and dining areas can be transformed into a conference hall that holds over 50 persons. The Eco-center will offer accommodation for guest participants of workshops and seminars and also will house eco-tourists between the special events to cover maintenance costs.


We will be grateful for any sponsorship with this project as it is essential for the implementation of Phoenix Fund’s mission!