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Our footages from the field will show you some moments of tigers’ life: struggle for survival and Phoenix preservation efforts. Продолжить

Primorsky Region

Primorsky region (Primorye) is situated in the south of the Russian Far East. It borders on Khabarovsky region of Russia in the north, People’s Republic of China and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the west and southwest, respectively, and is washed by the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in the east and the south. Primorye takes up 165,900 km2. Продолжить

Internet links

A few useful Internet links will help you learn about organizations protecting tigers, leopard and biodiversity, as well as our supporters and sponsors. Продолжить

Amur Leopard

Leopard (Panthera pardus) – is one of the most widespread predators. There are found from twenty to thirty leopard subspecies in the world, varying in their coloring and spot pattern. Продолжить

Amur Tiger

Because the Amur tiger lives primarily in the South of the Russian Far East, the Phoenix Fund is extremely concerned about protecting this magnificent cat and its habitat. Продолжить