International Co-operation

Международное сотрудничествоIn its work, Phoenix closely cooperates with foreign organizations, foundations and zoos, and takes an active part in international conferences on conservation of rare and endangered plant and animal species. Phoenix is a member of ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance), which presently includes ten organizations involved in conservation of these animals.

Phoenix staff represents the organization at partner meetings and discussions in Russia and abroad. Phoenix has participated in such events as the Global Tiger Forum (Nepal), experience exchange with “Pacific Environment” NGO (USA), exchanges with an Indian tiger reserve and a national park in Thailand, meetings on nature and Amur tiger conservation (China), training on MIST database software for evaluation of anti-poaching brigades’ activity (Thailand), round table on tiger subspecies conservation (Sweden), meeting of key executives of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with NGOs (Tatarstan) and other.