Individual donors

Phoenix would very gratefully like to acknowledge the generosity of all our supporters, including:

Alexander Vassolla
Andy Rouse
Anne Phillips
Arisa Chang
Brian Czarnik
Brian Dreckshage
Cecilie Davidson (International Year of the Tiger Foundation)
Christian Winters
Clayton Baumung
Cornel Machita (Italy)
Cynthia Armstrong
David Drevs
David Le Master
Diana Cumming
Douglas E. Tucker
Dudley Backup
Elizabeth Flood
Fabio Stefani
Gary Hougen
Gill Reed
Glen Martin
Greg Shell
Haylee Kadokawa
Hugh Zackheim
Jeff Hansen
John Renwald
Jennifer Tung
John Renwald
John Vaillant
John Wilschke
Jolei Akima
Julia Rice
Kelly Conner May
Kim Peterson
Kim Poole and Yvonne Chin
Linda Hempel
Liza Zed
Maria Mosina
Michael Linvill
Michel Meijden Vander
Mette Hansen
Nancy J. Danard
Neil Smith
Nicholas Eaton
Nicholas Shortridge
Nur Tung
Pamela Munroe
Patricia Gallagher
Patrick Pare
Paul Jacoby
Peter Eliot
Robert Fisher
Sandra Harris
Saskia Baur
Scott Porter (US)
Seth Pullen
Sharon Smolinski
Sole Riley
Stewart Wiggers
Tai Gibson
Thomas Huffman
Thomas Plant
Todd Kassner (teacher and students of Wyoming Middle School in Ohio)
The Kilbourne Family Fund at the Seattle Foundation
Yiling Chen-Josephson
Yuri Sobolev and Ilona Soboleva

Die “Arche Bioladen” shop of biologically grown aliments from Bochum (Germany), its director Klaus Holländer-Böhmer and his customers.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts all the Russians, who sent money in 2007 to feed the three orphaned Amur tiger cubs in Primorye. They are 40 Moscovites, five Vladivostok residents, and also people from Nakhodka City in Primorye, Kogalim, Noginsk, Istra and Dubna towns near Moscow. Some of you wired money several times. All together, you helped our tigers survive the hard times!