Last leopard will be a highlight of the performance at the Film Festival

A documentary by Japanese television-radio corporation NHK (director – Tatsukhiko Kobayashi, cameraman – Anatoly Petrov from Vladivostok), included into the non-competitive program of the IV International Film Festival “Pacific Meridian” on the initiative of WWF-Russia will be a special event of the festival. Продолжить

Leopard bookmarks

On the eve of a new school year about 3,500 schoolchildren of 5-11th grades of Khasansky district of Primorsky region will get a present from WWF-Russia and Phoenix Fund – bookmarks “Leopard’s Land”. This bookmark will accompany children into the world of knowledge and will become a guide on very rich nature of southwestern Primorye. Продолжить

An addition to the Amur leopards’ family

A couple of the Amur leopards from the Moscow Zoo sprang a surprise on zoologists and made a noise in the world having given birth to a lovely cub. Продолжить

A countryman dissatisfied with leopard neighborhood

A countryman of Khasan district of Primorye insists on translocation of his disturbing neighbor away from him. Продолжить

Tiger Poachers Detained in the Russian Far East

On June 15, 2006 while patrolling the territory of Mataisky wildlife refuge in Lazo district of Khabarovsky krai / region the anti-poaching team of Khabarovsky Wildlife Protection Inspection, in cooperation with police officers, detained a group of people who had poached an Amur tiger and transported its skin. Продолжить

The First Ecological Forum held in Primorye

On June 07-09, 2006 the Phoenix Fund representatives took part in the first ecological forum “Nature without borders”, which was held in Vladivostok under the slogan – “Our future lies in the future of Nature”. Продолжить

Russian Wins Top UK Conservation Award from HRH The Princess Royal

Russian conservationist, Sergey Bereznuk has won the UK’s top conservation award for his campaign to save the Amur tiger from extinction. Продолжить

On Terney-Plastun roadway drivers poach ungulates

Five ungulates, including sika deer, siberian stag and roe deer, have been poached within Sikhote-Alinsky nature reserve since the beginning of the year, reports Pyotr Klimashov, deputy director for the reserve protection and environmental security. Продолжить

Inspection Tiger officers urged to shoot an Amur tiger, wounded by poachers in Primorye

A full-grown Amur tiger was shot in Primorsky region. Wounded by poachers, it represented a real threat to the local population. Продолжить

Tigers in schools

The Phoenix Fund plans to decorate 11 schools located in the northern part of Primorye with large tiger photos to attract young residents to conservationists’ ideas. Продолжить

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