Amur tiger skin confiscated in a store

On September 23, 2004 another tiger skin was confiscated in Primorye, Russian Far East. Продолжить

Amur Leopard Festival walks along the beaches of Primorye, Russian Far East, August 21, 2004

On August 28, 2005 the already traditional Leopard Land Festival took place on the beach of Baklan bay in Slavyanka City in the Khasan district, the habitat of the last remaining 30 Far Eastern leopards. Продолжить

Phoenix developed Amur tiger educational kit

In the beginning of August the Phoenix Fund with support from the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund produced the Amur tiger educational kit consisting of 4 colourful posters and teachers’ guide. Продолжить

Poachers killed Amur tiger in the border zone

On May 28, 2004 a ranger of Khasan anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger received information from an anonymous source that local people had killed an Amur tiger during illegal hunting. Продолжить

778 bear paws in a Chinese truck

On Friday March 19, 2004 Ussuriisky customs officers, together with the border guard, prevented a huge shipment of poached wildlife products to China on Poltavka checkpoint, Southern Primorye, Russian Far East. Продолжить

Policeman in tiger skin

On March 10, 2004 wildlife managers of Primorsky Hunting Management Department, in cooperation with two representatives of NGOs, confiscated two Amur tiger skins from a policeman in Chuguevsky district, central Primorye, Russian Far East. Продолжить

Rescuing a tiger out of a poacher’s snare

Two students of Ussuriisky agro-technical institute were conducting monitoring the wildlife populations in “Nota” hunting society’s territory. Продолжить


This only in Russia biodiversity conservation institution was formed in 1994 within State Ecological Committee of Primorsky krai with support from WildAid (former GSN), WWF and other funds. Продолжить

Canine distemper epidemic in southern Primorye

According to the vets’ report, all dogs irrespective of age and strain are susceptible to this epidemic. Infected animals die within a week. Продолжить

One more leopard killed in Primorye

One more leopard was killed in “Nezhinskoe” hunting lease in January 2004. A body of a leopard with gunshots was found by Inspection Tiger rangers. Продолжить

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