Round Table to discuss the bears’ fate

При поддержке Института “Открытое общество” (Фонд Сороса)- Россия 09 апреля 2003 г. состоялся круглый стол на тему: “Угрозы существованию популяции гималайского медведя в Приморье”, на котором представители от администрации Приморского края, Дальневосточной оперативной таможни, общественных и научных организаций обсудили существующее положение популяции гималайских медведей в Приморском крае. Продолжить

One leopard per month …

On April 01, 2003 the Police officers confiscated a Far Eastern leopard skin in Kravtsovka village, Khasan district, southern Primorye. It is a second skin of this endangered animal confiscated since the beginning of 2003. Продолжить

Another leopard killed…..

On March 14, 2003 the Police officers confiscated the Far Esatern leopard skin in Vladivostok after a long investigation by border police. Продолжить

What fate awaits Asiatic black bear?

On March 11, 2003 Phoenix Fund received information from Andrei Kotlyar, director of Ussuriisky bear release center, that the Customs officers asked him to house three bear cubs confiscated from Chinese smugglers on the Russian-Chinese border. Продолжить

Let’s save black vultures!

On February 10, 2003 the Khasansky team of Inspection Tiger has started to supply additional food for black vultures near Slavyanka town. Продолжить

Tiger Cubs Orphaned by Poaching

On December 15, 2002, Khabarovsky team of Inspection Tiger received information from the head of Matai hunting lease that a tiger had been poached near Dolmi village, Khabarovsky region. Продолжить

Tiger cub skin confiscated in Primorye

A tiger skin was confiscated on November 28, 2002 in a remote village of Primorye, Russian Far East. Продолжить

New busts on the Russian-Chinese border in Primorye

A special department of the Russian Far Eastern Customs has recently revealed and eliminated an illegal wildlife trade channel that used to traffic wildlife products, including tiger skins, bones, bear paws and bile, and other items of high demand in China and South- East Asia. Продолжить

Working visit “Professional Experiences Exchange on organizing ecological campaigns: Bangkok – Vladivostok”, October 6 – 19, 2002

On October 19, 2002 the Phoenix Fund successfully completed the first stage of the professional experiences exchange between the environmental NGOs of Russia and Thailand. Продолжить

The Tiger Day Festival springs across the country

В этом годCelebration of a Tiger Day Festival is a wonderful tradition initiated several years ago in the Russian Far East by Phoenix, a local non-governmental organization, with support from the international community.у праздник “День Тигра” отмечали многие крупные города России. Продолжить

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