One more leopard skin confiscated in Primorye

One more leopard skin was confiscated on the 24th of August 2002 by Khasan anti-poaching team and Federal Security Bureau in the South of Primorye.

Phoenix publishes colorful outreach posters for the Far Eastern Customs

The Phoenix Fund donated colorful outreach posters to the Far Eastern Customs. Продолжить

Phoenix Fund appeals for help to save 18 bear cubs confiscated at Chinese border

On April 28, Inspection Tiger rangers, in co-operation with the Russian Federal Security Bureau, confiscated eighteen live bear cubs on the south-eastern Russian-Chinese border. Продолжить

Russian frog fat smugglers get derailed

A recent anti-smuggling operation by the Russian Far Eastern Customs mobile unit resulted in the confiscation of more than 500 squirrel and weasel skins and 24 kg of grass frog fat. Продолжить

Oscar project

The CITES Inspection Tiger team together with the Ussurisky Police recently confiscated another tiger skin. Продолжить

April 01 news

On the 1st of April, 2002 the Phoenix Fund with support from the Hunting Management Department, Inspection Tiger anti-poaching teams and public ecological control teams pioneered a deer training seminar aimed at improving survival techniques of the sika deer populations in Southern Primorye. Продолжить

Bear Release Center in Ussurisk becomes home to two more orphaned cubs

The bear release centre in Ussurisky nature reserve has just become a home for two more bear cubs. Продолжить

Russian rangers fight illegal trade in Siberian Tiger parts

The Far Eastern Operative Customs recently prevented two attempts at illegal wildlife trafficking. Продолжить

Khabarovsk anti-poaching team confiscated $3000 Siberian tiger skin

Immediately upon receiving the information, the rangers came to the village and met with the trader. In the course of the conversation, the villager seemed to realize the liability and willingly gave the skin to the rangers. Продолжить

Black vulture conservation

In January 2002 the Phoenix Fund started a campaign to save endangered black vultures wintering in Khasan district. It is a second year project, first started in winter 2000-2001 with financial support from Tigris Foundation (Holland) and IFAW Russia. Продолжить

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