Two Amur Tigers Leave for Their New Home

On June 4, two Amur tigers that completed rehabilitation programme in Primorye were transported to a place of their release in Jewish Autonomous Oblast. Director of the Phoenix Fund Sergei Bereznuk went to the Rehabilitation centre to bid cats’ farewell. … Продолжить

Three Tigers Released Back to the Wild

On Thursday 22nd May 2014, after a long rehabilitation period three Amur tigers were released into the wild in Zhelundindsky Wildlife Refuge, which is the northwestern part of the Amur tiger range, in Amurskaya Oblast.  Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attended … Продолжить

Amur Tiger Poacher Convicted in Russia’s Far East

Source: Tiger killing for skin was committed last May. Moscow, Feb 26  — RIA Novosti. The General Prosecutor’s Office reported on Wednesday that a hunter who had killed an Amur tiger in Primorsky krai was sentenced to correctional labor … Продолжить

Two Tiger Cubs Born at Zov Tigra National Park

Source: In late 2013, two tiger cubs were born at Zov Tigra National Park. The park’s staff learnt the news in early 2014 when they found traces of the babies during a route examination. In all, there are 10 … Продолжить

Cinderella Gets Back to Bastak

Dear friends, the good news came from Bastak Nature Reserve. The camera traps installed in the protected area took photos of Cinderella and a male Amur tiger! According to reserve’s ranger who does the tracking of the tigress with the … Продолжить

Amur Tiger Tracks Found in Amur Region Reserve

Source: Game managers in the Amur Region have found traces of a large male adult Amur tiger at the Khingano-Arkharinsky Wildlife Refuge. There were plans to use the refuge as one of the sites for the reintroduction of the … Продолжить

Cubs Enter Final Straight

There are now only three months to go before the release of the tiger cubs into the wild. At present, they are sharpening their hunting skills at the «The Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals» (PRNCO … Продолжить

Tiger Cubs Get Medical Check Up

According to A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEE RAN) and Inspection Tiger, the Amur tiger cubs, that were rescued in early 2013 and are now kept at the «The Centre for Rehabilitation and … Продолжить

Leopards Come Back to Deer Farm in Khasan

After a long pause during the spring and autumn season when the hidden cameras couldn’t record presence of a leopard at the Olenevod deer farm in Khasan, the good news came – camera traps finally caught female leopard Sophie, her … Продолжить

Photo Report from Rehabilitation Centre

Dear readers, this week we would like to share with you some new photographs of the orphaned tiger cubs, which are getting ready for the release back into the wild at the «The Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and … Продолжить

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