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Leopard Land Festival took place in Khasan district, August 28, 2005

On August 28, 2005 the already traditional Leopard Land Festival took place on the beach of Baklan bay in Slavyanka City in the Khasan district, the habitat of the last remaining 30 Far Eastern leopards. Продолжить

Inspection Tiger First Chief’s 70th anniversary

On January 24, one of the oldest nature protectors of Primorye Vladimir
I. Schetinin celebrates his 70th anniversary. Every resident of the
region who is concerned about Amur tiger protection knows Vladimir very
well. Продолжить

Amur Tiger Cub Rescued in Primorye, Russian Far East

On January 26, 2009 the headquarters of the Game and Rare Species Department (Regional Hunting Management Department) received information that a tiger cub had been seen near Avangard village of Partizansky district, Southern Primorye, Russia. No tracks of adult tiger were found hereabouts. Продолжить

Amur tiger and leopard conservation project in Russia awarded grant from the UK

The Whitley Fund for Nature (U.K.) and the Phoenix Fund (Russia) have been awarded a grant of £60,000 by the BBC Wildlife Fund which will help support Amur tiger and leopard conservation projects in Russia. Продолжить

Residents and ecologists appeal to governor to stop forest clearing

The heads of Luchegorsk, Fedoseev, Nagorny and Pozharsky towns opposed the sell by auction of Luchegorsky and Pozharsky district forestry for cutover. Officials co-operated with conservationists and NGOs in their appeal to Primorsky krai governor Sergei Darkin. Продолжить

Educational booklet “Amur tiger” illustrated with colorful children’s paintings

Tiger in Schools

Alexander Vrisch, coordinator of Phoenix’s educational projects, presented an Educator’s Tool Kit on Amur tiger, including a Teacher’s Guide and a DVD. The Kit was developed by 20 educators from eight districts of Primorye, representatives of Wildlife Conservation Society-Russia, Greenpeace-Russia, Primorsky Institute for Further Training of Educators, Lazovsky Nature Reserve, and representatives of Khabarovsky National Pedagogical University and All-Russia Nature Conservation Society from Khabarovsky krai. Продолжить

Educator’s Tool Kit on the Amur Leopard Awarded a Gold Medal

A unique Educator’s Tool Kit on the Amur leopard was awarded a gold medal as the best electronic publication at the 13th Far-Eastern Fair “Publishing House-2009”. Also, at the Second Far-Eastern Contest “Higher Education Publications-2009” the Kit was nominated as the best higher education publications in pedagogy and psychology fields and won the award. Продолжить

Educational kit “Flora and Fauna of Russian Far East”

2006 Phoenix Fund and Primorsky Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Teachers with financial support from Vladivostok administration and with participation of “Computer Innovatiotions” Ltd. published educational kit “Flora and Fauna of Russian Far East” with teacher’s guides to them. Продолжить

Leopard posters educational kit

In August 2003 Phoenix with support from AMUR and Fauna and Flora International developed a Leopard Posters Educational Kit for Schools of Primorye. Продолжить