Cinderella settled down in her new home


The good news for everyone who follows the fate of the recently released tigress Cinderella is that she has already settled down in her new home. The tiger cub once rescued in Ussuriisky district of Primorye after a year-long rehabilitation was transferred to its permanent place of residence in Bastak Nature Reserve located in Jewish Autonomous Province. Although, frankly speaking, it is not really appropriate to call Cinderella a cub – a grown up young female tiger is already completely capable to live an independent life in the wild, to explore the territory and hunt.

After tiger’s release on May 9, 2013 the group of experts including staff of A.N Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Inspection Tiger, Wildlife Conservation Society and Bastak State Nature Reserve looks after Cinderella’s movements through the satellites transmitting signals from her collar. Every day the Phoenix Fund receives maps with locations of the tigress. During the first week Cinderella moved down the Bastak river for several kilometers. Unfortunately, for reasons of tiger’s safety, we can’t publish these maps in open access, but we will try to keep informing our supporters on her situation.

There are three other orphaned tiger cubs awaiting their release in the Rehabilitation center for rare species of animals. Rescued in November 2012, unlike the Cinderella, they still need to grow up and gain some skills necessary for predators to survive in the wild. If you want to help them, please make a donation that will help purchase food and necessary equipment! Learn how you can do it here





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