Three Cubs Joined Cinderella


This page is devoted to tiger cubs that are kept at Primorskii Regional Non-commercial Organization «The Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals» (PRNCO «Tiger Centre») located in Alekseevka village (Primorsky krai, Russian Far East). The first patient – young tigress called Cinderella – appeared at the centre in early 2013. Since then the animal has been successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild. It became possible thanks not only to a great team of high skilled professionals, but also to financial support from non-governmental organisations and concerned people. The Phoenix Fund and Inspection Tiger are addressing to the community and asking to continue making donations to help feed the young predators and prepare them for release back in taiga.

Rescued male cub

Rescued male cub

Specialists of Inspection Tiger and A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences as well as non-governmental organisations are responsible for nursing the animals and preparing them for release into the wild. The Phoenix Fund and International Fund for Animal Welfare, who supported rehabilitation of young tigress Cinderella, have offered their help and launched a fundraising campaign to support the orphans.

Now, three tigers are being prepared for return into the wild after successful rehabilitation at the centre. The release is scheduled for late May in Amurskaya Oblast. We would like to thank everyone who are concerned about the fate of the centre’s patients and go on making donations.

(c) Inspection Tiger

(c) Inspection Tiger

Help us support release of these tiger cubs and rehabilitation of two other tigers! Your help would give them a better chance of returning to the taiga.

PLEASE DONATE NOW! Whatever you can give would be gratefully received. Thank you. You can donate via Wildlife Alliance, our American partner, through the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance or with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

If you would like to make a donation through the Wildlife Alliance donation portal, please choose ‘Phoenix Fund’ in ‘Designation’ section

By making a donation through the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance, please go to

To donate through UK based David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, fill in the form at

Donations by Russian companies and individuals as of May 19, 2014

MonthDonations fromAmountGoal to raise
MonthDonations fromAmountGoal to raise
December Moscow residents9,595 rub
#Vladivostok residents 2,000 rub
# S.Petersburg residents 4,000 rub
#Partizansk residents600 rub
JanuaryMoscow residents 17,000 rub
#Samara residents500 rub
#Vladivostok residents500 rub
#Ivanovo residents1,000 rub
FebruaryMoscow residents 10,000 rub
MarchVladivostok residents2,000 rub
#S.Petersburg residents1,000 rub
AprilIvanovo residents1,000 rub
MayMoscow residents7,000 rub
#Tomsk residents 5,000 rub
#Orenburg residents500 rub
#Barnaul residents50 rub
Juneresidents of Germany5,103.77 rub
#Vladivostok residents1,000 rub
JulyCheboksary residents300 rub
#Moscow residents2,000 rub
#Barnaul residents100 rub
AugustMoscow residents18,500 rub
#Arseniev residents1,700 rub
SeptemberTomsk residents5,000 rub
#KT21 (legal entity, Moscow)10,000 rub
#Komplekt (legal entity, Moscow)10,000 rub
NovemberMoscow residents5,000 rub
#Vladivostok residents500 rub
#Bryansk residents204 rub
#Upravlenie VOLS-VL (legal entity, Moscow)30,000 rub
DecemberKrasnodar residents1,000 rub
Komplekt (legal entity, Moscow)15,000 rub
Tomsk residents5,000 rub
FebruaryKomplekt (legal entity, Moscow)10,000 rub
Moscow residents5,000 rub
MayMoscow residents5,000 rub
Tomsk residents5,000 rub
JuneVladivostok residents200 rub
Total187,362.77 rub90,000 rub per month

4 thoughts on “Three Cubs Joined Cinderella

  1. No one can ignore the good work by Dr Victor Lukarevsky and the team that work beside him. Truly inspiring and they will always be idols for me.
    I will continue to be a supporter and follower of their work. With a big heart felt Thank you!

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