How you can help

Please help the Phoenix Fund provide protection to wildlife by strengthening parks, eliminating poaching, stopping the illegal wildlife trade and reducing demand for products made from endangered species. Amur tigers and leopards, Asiatic black bears, Far Eastern wildcat, lynx, fox, and many other wildlife species need your help more than ever.

You can donate online, using the proposed method of payment through the processing centre Uniteller. After confirmation, you will be redirected to a secure Uniteller page, where you will need to enter payment data. After successful payment you will get an e-check with the necessary information for you payment to the specified email.





Security guarantees

Uniteller processing security certified by PCI DSS standard for payment card data security. Reliability of service provided by intelligent monitoring of fraudulent transactions using 3D Secure – modern technology security of internet payments.

Your card data entered on a special secure payment page. Information transfer to the Uniteller processing center is done using SSL technology. Further information transfer is done via closed banking channels that have the highest level of reliability. Uniteller does not transmit your card data to the beneficiary or other third parties.

If your card support 3D Secure, you will need to take additional authorization in the issuing bank (the bank that issued this card). For this you will be directed to the issuing bank authorization page. Type of the authorization depends on the bank – usually it’sa an additional password that is sent to you via SMS, variable codes map etc.

If you have any questions about making payments, you can contact technical support processing center of Uniteller: or via phone 8 800 100 19 60.


You can also subscribe to support one of Phoenix’s nature conservation projects on GlobalGiving.


Nature conservation is an unceasing fight for life. Only working together we can raise awareness, educate the public, and conserve rare and endangered species and their habitat.

Your support will make a difference!

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