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Children and their parents have demonstrated their deep concern for young orphaned tiger cubs that are kept now at the Rehabilitation Center for Tigers and Other Rare Animals. During Tiger Day Festival in Vladivostok on September 29th 2013 they donated over 25 thousand roubles.

Volunteers help collect donations for orphaned tiger  cubs (c) Phoenix Fund

Volunteers help collect donations for orphaned tiger cubs (c) Phoenix Fund

For many years the Phoenix Fund has been running “HELP!” project aimed at raising funds for animals in need. Last year, thanks to kind-heartedness of citizens and guests of Vladivostok, we managed to collect charitable cash donations totalling 15,354 roubles to help keep a young tigress named Zolushka (Cinderella) at the Rehabilitation Centre. It was not a large sum of money, but it laid the foundation for success of the rehabilitation process. The Phoenix Fund together with the International Fund for Animal Welfare managed to raise sufficient funds for successful rehabilitation of the tigress and her return back into the wild in May 2013. So far, Cinderella has adapted to her new home and demonstrated good hunting skills.

Each participant receives a memorable prize (c) Phoenix Fund

Each participant receives a memorable prize (c) Phoenix Fund

This year during Tiger Day Festival the Phoenix Fund launched a fundraising campaign to help five orphaned tiger cubs that are undergoing rehabilitation at the Centre. The campaign was held as an all-prize lottery during which all the participants could not only donate money for tigers, but also get some memorabilia such as pocket or wall calendars with pictures of tigers, bookmarks with information on tigers, magnets, toy tigers, key charms and others. The story of tigress Cinderella touched hearts of citizens and guests of Vladivostok. Children and adults asked about the fate of the five tiger cubs and made donations for their rehabilitation with pleasure. In result, as many as 25,357 roubles (about $820) were raised during a few hours of the holiday.

“This year citizens and guests of our city are more active, and as a result we have collected half as much funds compared to previous year. This action is a good indicator that shows that environmental awareness among local people has grown. We are glad to see that there are more and more adherents and supporters of nature-oriented actions in our city. And the children who took part in such actions deserve all the accolades and might serve as an example for both their peers and adults”, says Director of the Phoenix Fund Sergei Bereznuk.

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