Phoenix developed a leopard posters educational kit for schools in Primorye


postersA leopard posters educational kit for schools of Primorye came out on August 18, 2003 (1,500 copies). The kit, developed by Phoenix, includes two colorful posters and teachers’ guide and can be used on Biology, Ecology and Nature classes at secondary and high schools of Primorye for 3-4 years. Thus, during only one year, the pupils of 9-11 and 13-17 years will study on these educational materials. The posters will fill up the gap in leopard education at schools of Primorye and ingrain it into the Regional Biological Education Programme of Primorye.

The posters contain colorful leopard photos made by famous Russian and foreign photographers, and information on the main issues of the leopard (habitat, prey base, threats to survival, conservation activity). There are unique pictures made by a camera trap during the last survey (2002-2003) conducted by WCS and Institute for Sustainable Use of Renewable Resources. Just then the scientists got a photo of leopard that was radio collared in 1994 at the age of 6-7 years old. It’s good news that it could survive and looks great in spite of all threats to its survival such as poaching, forest fires and economic development.

Now, Phoenix is distributing the educational kit between schools of Primorye. This project was supported by AMUR and Flora & Fauna International.

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