April 01 news


Dear training seminar
Тренинг для оленей

On the 1st of April, 2002 the Phoenix Fund with support from the Hunting Management Department, Inspection Tiger anti-poaching teams and public ecological control teams pioneered a deer training seminar aimed at improving survival techniques of the sika deer populations in Southern Primorye. This project is intended to facilitate anti-poaching activities in the region and gradually decrease amount of poached wildlife in the region. It is planned to carry out a number of deer seminars in different districts of Primorye to cover the main deer populations there.

Amazing finding

amasing tiger cubsThe conflict tiger team officers reported an unusual finding: two feline cubs were found around Lipovaya village in the North of Primorye. The specialists could not recognize the species of the cubs at first glance – they looked just like tiger cubs, but had characteristic FE leopard spots on the skin as well. The scientists are lost in conjectures.

Beware of mad cows

cow“Beware of mad cows”, caution Primorsky farmers that have suffered losses due to the cows attacks. Primorsky citizens are concerned about the mad cow disease stories circulating in the local mass media. The hordes of raving mad cows started harassing the local populations, including tigers. The disease is characterised by loss of mental abilities and deviant behaviour. Several human beings are reported to have been infected after consuming large quantities of the mad cow milk with three litres of beer and chilli ketchup. At the same time, some proved otherwise. The most intriguing question is how to distinguish a mad cow from a sane one? A number of theories (from taking milk samples to passing IQ tests) have proved to be inefficient in identifying demented animals as they skilfully hide their deviant behaviour during rare periods of calmness. The only way is to compare their moos.

Listen to a moo sample in the attachment and you will never get mistaken. Before coming to visit Promorye, be sure to get previously vaccinated as even a tiny bite could lead to irreversible mental changes.

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