Leopard Land Festival in Khasan


festivalOn August 23, 2003 Phoenix Fund in co-operation with WWF-RFE and Administration of Khasan district organized ecological festival called “Leopard Land”. The main purpose of this event is to draw attention of local people and guests from other cities and regions towards conservation of the most endangered cat in the world – Far Eastern leopard. The south-west of Primorye is the only home for the Far Eastern leopards. Based on the latest information, only 30 leopards left in the wild. The main threats to their survival are not only fires and heavy fall of snow, but also poaching and illegal logging.
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Today a lot of scientists, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and conservationists have been solving the problem of the Far Eastern leopard conservation. The success of all efforts to conserve this population most of all depends on behavior of local community living close to the habitat of this endangered animals, on the Leopard Land.

“Leopard Land” festival is one of the steps towards raising awareness of local people about the urgent necessity to save leopards. Despite of seriousness of the issue and global problem, “Leopard Land” festival appeared to be a funny holiday on the seashore of the Sea of Japan.
The main actions of the festival took place on the beach in Slavyanka and Andreevka cities of Khasan district on August 23, 2003. During the holiday, there were spectacular performances, contests, quizzes, and games. The winners of contests were awarded by special prizes, such as computer game called “Save the leopard”, photographs made by famous photographers, leopard books, calendars and school kit with special symbol.

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