One more leopard skin confiscated in Primorye


peltOne more leopard skin was confiscated on the 24th of August 2002 by Khasan anti-poaching team and Federal Security Bureau in the South of Primorye.

The information about the presence of a leopard skin in
a local village Philippovka came on the 7th of August 2002 from a wildlife manager of Barsovy wildlife refuge. After a thorough investigation the inspectors revealed the location of the skin and its illegal owner – a local villager. On the 24th of August the officers carried out an operation and confiscated the leopard skin. The law enforcement officers drew up a report and prepared all necessary documents to institute criminal proceedings.

It is a third leopard skin confiscated in Primorye this year, and there are only about 30 animals left in the wild. The first skin and a skull of a Far Eastern leopard were confiscated by Vladivostok anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger in Olenevod village, southern Primorye on the 15th of July 2002. Soon after this case, the road traffic police revealed another leopard skin during the examination of a car in Vladivostok.

In addition to the leopard skins confiscations, the anti-poaching teams of Inspection Tiger detained four tiger skins in 2002. Three sets of tiger bones were stopped on the border by the Far Eastern Customs Department.

The inspectors of Khasan anti-poaching team will receive memorable awards within the limits of the Oscar Award Project. Since the government funding is inadequate for the rapidly growing needs of enforcement agencies, the awards usually consist of diverse equipment to support and facilitate the work in revealing and eliminating illegal wildlife trade channels. Thomas Plant, American philanthropist, provides the funds for the Oscar Awards.

The anti-poaching activities of Inspection Tiger are being financed by the Phoenix Fund, WildAid, Save the Tiger Fund, and WWF.

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