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We have received the recent updates from the Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals (PRNCO «Tiger Centre» in Alekseevka village, Primorsky krai) where four tigers are kept now, and we are glad to share the news with our friends:

Injured tiger cub found in Pozharsky district (c) PRNCO «Tiger Centre»

“Many people were shocked by the latest events with tigers in the Ussuriiskaya taiga, especially by the story with a tiger cub from Pozharsky district of Primorye that was sheltered by the rehab centre on January 14, 2017. During two weeks, the animal was in critical but stable condition. Every day the cub was on the medications. After the second veterinary checkup was conducted, we can say that the animal’s condition is stable. Positive changes are recorded every day. Despite a serious trauma to its eye, the tiger did not lose his eyesight; broken upper jaw bones grow properly back together, the animal has a good appetite and began to express natural behaviour. Taking into account the cub’s condition on the 15th day of rehabilitation, we hope that it will have chance to be released back into the wild. Besides us, our “residents” are keeping an eye on the tiger cub too.  Of course, they cannot see their new neighbour yet as he is kept at the isolated quarantine unit, but they can hear him for sure.

Tigress Lazovka (c) PRNCO «Tiger Centre»

The nearest neighbour to the cub is young tigress Lazovka which was found without its mother in Lazovsky district of Primorye and sheltered by the Centre in December 2016. She is adapting to her first open-air enclosure. During the month, the tigress successfully preyed on rabbits numerous times which means that she develops hunting skills.

Tiger Vladik (c) PRNCO «Tiger Centre»

Also in January, Lazovka got acquainted with our adult tigers – tigress Fillya and tiger Vladik. Although they can see each other only through the wire mesh fencing that separates their enclosures, it is very important for them. At the junction of three enclosures, there is bare ground where snow melted indicating that the animals lie and rest there keeping watch over each other for a long time. As a rule, they prefer communicating at twilight.

Tigers Fillya and Vladik headed into the homestretch: they are perfect hunters and remain fearful of people. All they have to do is to wait for spring when they are to be returned into the wild. We express our deep gratitude to all our partners for their help in conserving rare animals”, says Centre’s specialist Ekaterina Blidchenko.

We would like to remind that on 25th of January the tiger cub, that had been found seriously injured in Pozharsky district, was operated at the Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals in Alekseevka village. Now, the cub has shrunk from danger. It is more than likely that there is no need for additional surgery. Unfortunately, a three-year-old tigress that came out to people at night of 28th of January (60 km far from Luchegorsk town, Pozharsky district),  did not have a chance to survive. Despite the fact that a mobile team of wildlife managers from Primorsky Hunting Management Department went to the scene immediately after receiving information about the tigress, the animal died before their arrival due to severe exhaustion and serious cold weather-related injuries.  Now, specialists of Hunting Management Department and police officers are searching for a place where the tigress could have got such serious traumas.

The Phoenix Fund together with other organizations, including International Fund for Animal Welfare and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, has been assisting PRNCO «Tiger Centre» in rehabilitation and tiger monitoring efforts.

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