Photo Report from Rehabilitation Centre


Dear readers, this week we would like to share with you some new photographs of the orphaned tiger cubs, which are getting ready for the release back into the wild at the Rehabilitation Centre for Tigers and Other Rare Species in Alekseevka village.

According to Center’s specialists the young predators are doing well. The cubs started their first hunting training.

They successfully hunted down deer and wild boars. Both male and female tigers succeeded in killing of a large prey.

Cubs are well prepared for the winter. They have good fleshing and winter fur.

After the first snow the tiger cubs became more careful. Now they are most active at dusk.

Tiger Ustin and tigresses Svetlaya and Ilona became good friends — they communicate with each other through the adjacent fence.

Now the main goal of the last period of rehabilitation is honing cubs’ hunting skills and we hope that all inhabitants of the Center will cope with this task perfectly well!

We are grateful to everyone who supports the Rehabilitation Centre for Tigers and Other Rare Species!
Photo credits: Petr Sonin and Katerina Blidchenko/ A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences/ Inspection Tiger

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  1. I have not seen Bright for quite some time…Now Tigress Svetlaya looks so Happy & HEALTHY!

    THANK YOU…THANK YOU…Thank You All!

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