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Vote for leopard project_2Please vote for our project ‘Saving Amur leopards, Russia’s Far East’!

The project aims to put measures in place to protect the critically endangered Amur Leopard alongside other subspecies such as the Amur Tiger. There are between 60-70 of the species left in the world and 57 recorded camera trap images taken in the Land of the Leopard National Park in Russia’s far east, a 1000 square mile protected area. The main issues are habitat degradation due to wildfires and human wildlife conflict. When prey is scarce, leopards go to farms looking for food only to be shot by farmers protecting their stock. This project will run a compensation scheme to persuade farmers to be paid for their lost livestock rather than retaliate by shooting leopards. It will support law enforcement against poachers and create and restore trails in the park so visitors can be led to areas where they might see leopards and other wildlife.

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