Phoenix publishes colorful outreach posters for the Far Eastern Customs


The Phoenix Fund donated colorful outreach posters to the Far Eastern Customs. The posters were developed with the help of the specialists from the RF Ministry for Natural Resources and Far Eastern Customs. Two types of posters, both of with high polygraphic quality, colorful photos, attractive design and concise information, tell about the species of the Far Eastern flora and fauna, their parts and derivatives that are most often gathered and smuggled across the border of the Russian Federation.

One of the posters was designed for the customs officers working at the checkpoints. The second type of the posters was designed mainly for the Russian citizens and foreign tourists who frequently cross the Russian borders. This poster contains concise rules on crossing the Russian Federation border with wildlife objects in Russian, English and Chinese languages. Apart from distributing posters among the customs checkpoints, the Phoenix Fund plans to place them in the leading travel agencies, hotels, airports, railway stations and seaport buildings.

The posters will help customs officers identify wildlife products and eliminate illegal wildlife trade channels and warn tourists and travelers about the wildlife items prohibited to export.

This outreach project will increase public ecological awareness and reduce illegal import and export of endangered species and their derivatives across the border. Development and publication of outreach materials is part of the long-term program aimed to support the investigative work of customs officer. The Phoenix Fund has already purchased hi-tech equipment for the Far Eastern Customs – radio and mobile facilities, office equipment and other.

Development and publication of the materials became possible thanks to continuing support from the Save the Tiger Fund (U.S.)

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