One more leopard killed in Primorye


leopardOne more leopard was killed in “Nezhinskoe” hunting lease in January 2004. A body of a leopard with gunshots was found by Inspection Tiger rangers who, together with Nadezhdinsky police investigator, carried out primary investigative actions.

On January 24, 2004 the body of dead animal was transported to Inspection Tiger office in Vladivostok. After the primary examination, it was concluded that the leopard had died approximately in the middle of January and the bullet had lodged in its backbone. Inspection Tiger rangers went to the place of an incident immediately. As the result of thorough examination, it became clear that the leopard died not at once. The wounded animal was crawling until its strength had waned. All documents were forwarded to the police for further investigation.

inspector with the leopardAs you may know, it is the second dead leopard case this year. The first case happened on January 04, 2004 when Vladimir Goncharov, gamekeeper of “Barsovy” wildlife refuge, found a corpse of the Far Eastern leopard. It was a skeleton with some parts of skin and dry entrails. The corpse was taken in the presence of witnesses and forwarded to Slavyanka town, Khasansky district of Primorye. Khasan team of Inspection Tiger examined the place of the incident, drew up a report and took photos. Inspection Tiger appealed to the Internal Affaires Department of Khasansky district (local police department) to initiate criminal proceedings.

Inspection Tiger activity is supported by WWF, Save the Tiger Fund, Tigris Foundation, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, IFAW and Phoenix Fund.

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