Red Wolf Team



The Borisovskoye Plateau Wildlife Refuge (63,429 ha) in the southwest of Primorye, along the Russian-Chinese border, represents home to Amur tigers and leopards. It was created in 1996 to conserve both game and endangered species and their habitat. Recently, a red wolf (dhole) was spotted for the first time in decades. This resulted in the decision to name the anti-poaching unit “the Red Wolf Team”. Since January 2002 the Red Wolf anti-poaching team has patrolled the perimeter and the core of the Refuge to reveal ecological violations. In April 2006 new rangers joined the team, which allowed to increase the area under patrol. Since April 2006 the team of nine wildlife managers, together with public rangers and police officers, have been patrolling in the Khasansky, Nadezhdinsky, Ussuriisky, and Oktyabrsky districts.

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