Let’s save black vultures!


black vultures
On February 10, 2003 the Khasansky team of Inspection Tiger has started to supply additional food for black vultures near Slavyanka town.

black vulturesTwo weeks ago, on January 29, the Khasansky team carried out a patrol raid and found 80 weak and emaciated birds. Some vultures could not even move. Phoenix Fund made an appeal to the local community to help supply additional food for vultures. Local people of Slavyanka town called on the phone to Khasansky team rangers and offered their help. One of the fish-processing factories has been supplying 5 tons of fish waste to the places where vultures gathered around. The deer farm owners provided deer meat to feed birds.

black vulturesThe Khasansky team plans to organize the same feeding places in Andreevka village. Phoenix Fund has been carrying out vulture conservation project since 2000. In the terms of this project feedingPhoenix made actions to feed and rehabilitate weak vultures. Thanks to support from the local people and entrepreneurs, today the status of black vulture population is stable. Apart from supplying additional food, Phoenix Fund fosters positive attitude towards vulture conservation and increase the communities’ awareness and participation in conservation-related activities through holding slide presentations at schools and distributing a colorful “Black vulture” booklet, published in January 2003.

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