Students struggle against poaching!


On June 20, 2003 the “Manchzhur” students’ eco-team of Far Eastern State University started their anti-poaching activities in Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Khasan district, Southern Primorye. The main goal of the students’ team was to protect the endangered wildlife of the reserve through patrolling its borders and buffer zone, controlling the efficiency of the conservation regime, and struggling against poaching and illegal collecting of ginseng.

Alexander Yaroshevtch, deputy chief of the students’ team, informed the Phoenix Fund that on June 28, 2003 around midnight while patrolling the borders of the reserve, he had noticed a group of poachers shooting in the direction of the reserve. Alexander called to the reserve guard station with the help of a mobile radio station and asked for help.
When the anti-poaching team of the reserve came, the team rangers, together with the students, chased and arrested two poachers. Two rifles and a sika deer carcass were confiscated from the poachers.

We would like to underline that according to article No. 258 of the Criminal Code, one can get a two- year imprisonment for such a crime. At present, the criminal case with A. Ryzhikh and A. Dergach were handed in to Khasan Police for further consideration. We hope that this case will be taken into Court.

The reserve’s authorities and the students’ eco-team say that the success of that operation became possible thanks to the radio communication equipment purchased by the Phoenix Fund within the framework of the project “Anti-poaching radio communication network in Southwest of Primorye”. At present, this project covers Khasan anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger and wildlife managers of Nezhinsky hunting lease.

In the nearest future, after setting up a retransmitter on Popov Island the wildlife managers of Marine Nature Reserve will use this equipment too.

The Phoenix Fund is grateful to the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund and Tigris Foundation for making this radio equipment project possible.

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