Three Orphaned Tiger Cubs Found in Primorye

On November 27, three young tigers appeared near a military unit located 8 km away from Yakovlevka village, Primorsky krai. The predators tried to kill a domestic dog on a leash, but a guard scared the animals back into the woods. A group of tiger specialists went to the scene immediately and tried to find out why the cubs turned out to be alone in the forest. Продолжить

Environmental Journalism Awards – 2012

On June 5 – the Russian Day of the Ecologist and the World Environment Day, the jury announced the winners of the Sixth Far Eastern Environmental Journalism Awards Taiga Alive – 2012, competition of nature protection journalism. We congratulate the winners and laureates! Продолжить

Resolution of Human-Tiger Conflicts

Nowadays, some people still regard tigers as bloodthirsty predators. People who live near tigers, are usually rather poor and considerably dependent on forest recourses. As a rule, they hold negative attitudes towards nature-conservation measures that prioritize wilderness and disregard their needs. Most of those people have livestock pasturing in the woods and pastureland where it can become an easy prey for tigers. In that case livestock owners suffer serious economic losses due to livestock depredation and try to revenge on predators by poisoning, entrapping or even shooting them off. Unfortunately, such actions by indignant farmers make injured predators approach human settlements in search of food because they are unable to hunt successfully in the forest suffering from wounds. Продолжить

Tiger specialists determine the cause of death of three tigers

Tiger specialists have reconstructed a tragic incident in Primorye resulted in death of two tiger cubs and an adult Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species), informed a spokesman of Inspection Tiger to RIA Novosti. Продолжить

New Home for Tigress

On February 18, in the vicinity of Orlovka village in Lesozavodsky district specialists of the Primorsky Game and Rare Species Department (Primorsky Hunting Management Department), Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science and Wildlife Conservation Society captured a female Amur tiger, who had previously killed two horses in a village. Продолжить