Tiger Day-2012

The 13th annual Tiger Day Celebration was held in Vladivostok on September 30, 2012. The weather was beautiful, and the parade was a great success. Over 4,000 brightly colored costumed participants proceeded down Okeansky Avenue, and at the intersection of Okeansky Avenue and Svetlanskaya Street circled the downtown square. Продолжить

Tiger Day-2011 in Vladivostok

In Vladivostok there is a wonderful tradition to celebrate Tiger Day on the fourth Sunday of September. It was Vladimir Troinin who came up with an idea of the holiday, and 12 years ago, thanks to local ecological NGOs and city administration, the idea was brought into life. Продолжить

Back to the Wild

Vladivostok, Russian Far East – Wed Sep 16, 19:30 p.m. – Today, September 17, is a special day for the Amur tiger cub rescued by Hunting Management Department specialists this winter. After a six-month rehabilitation, the young predator was safely released back into the wild in Mikhailovsky district of Primorye. Продолжить

News about Tiger Cub

Recently Phoenix staff have visited Dr’ Yudin’s scientific centre in Gaivoron village, Spassky district of Primorye where at present a tiger cub, which was rescued this winter, is being rehabilitated and prepared for release back into the wild. Продолжить

Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Houses an Amur Tiger Cub

At daybreak on February 8, the inspectors of Game and Rare Species Department (Primorsky Hunting Management Department) transported a little tigress over to Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Center located in Khabarovsky krai where the animal will be fed, nurtured, and medicated for eventual release back into the wild. Продолжить