Environmental Journalism Awards – 2012

On June 5 – the Russian Day of the Ecologist and the World Environment Day, the jury announced the winners of the Sixth Far Eastern Environmental Journalism Awards Taiga Alive – 2012, competition of nature protection journalism. We congratulate the winners and laureates! Продолжить

Anti-Poaching Activities

Nowadays, tigers and leopards are still hunted for their valuable body parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine and for skins that are in high international demand. Moreover, it is common for hunters to poach tigers to eliminate competition for ungulates and habitat and for locals to kill tigers in retaliation for depredations on domestic animals such as dogs and cows.
Poaching is a serious threat for the survival of these cats. Продолжить

Workshop in Kirovka

Between July 4 and July 8 the Phoenix Fund and Primorsky Institute for Further Training of Educators organized a workshop “Biodiversity Conservation and New Methods in Ecological Education” in Kirovka town. Продолжить

First results of HELP action

On April 29, Phoenix summed up the results of SMS-Project “HELP!” aimed at fundraising for conservation of the Amur leopards and tigers, as well as the whole Ussuri taiga. During the past one and a half months over 1,582 sms messages totaling 31,640 rubles ($960) were received. Продолжить

Primorye celebrates seventh anniversary of the Tiger Day

On September 24, 2006 the city of Vladivostok, Primorye, Russian Far East, celebrated one of its most colorful and exotic holidays – “Tiger Day”. Продолжить