Compensation for Damage

Carnivore conservation can be very challenging because the actions of carnivores often are resented by humans. Carnivores depredate livestock or reduce abundance of wildlife valued by hunters thereby coming into direct conflict with humans. Retaliation is invariably swift and involves killing those individuals responsible for the depredation. Продолжить

Anyuisky National Park Asks for Help

Yesterday Director of the Anyuisky National Park Alexander Samarin contacted Phoenix. Alexander explained why he could not go on with protection of the Park: “There only 1250 rubles (equivalent of $40) left on our bank account, and we are not able to pay for fuels to conduct anti-poaching patrols next month.” Продолжить

New Home for Tigress

On February 18, in the vicinity of Orlovka village in Lesozavodsky district specialists of the Primorsky Game and Rare Species Department (Primorsky Hunting Management Department), Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science and Wildlife Conservation Society captured a female Amur tiger, who had previously killed two horses in a village. Продолжить