Back to the Wild

Vladivostok, Russian Far East – Wed Sep 16, 19:30 p.m. – Today, September 17, is a special day for the Amur tiger cub rescued by Hunting Management Department specialists this winter. After a six-month rehabilitation, the young predator was safely released back into the wild in Mikhailovsky district of Primorye. Продолжить

News about Tiger Cub

Recently Phoenix staff have visited Dr’ Yudin’s scientific centre in Gaivoron village, Spassky district of Primorye where at present a tiger cub, which was rescued this winter, is being rehabilitated and prepared for release back into the wild. Продолжить

First results of HELP action

On April 29, Phoenix summed up the results of SMS-Project “HELP!” aimed at fundraising for conservation of the Amur leopards and tigers, as well as the whole Ussuri taiga. During the past one and a half months over 1,582 sms messages totaling 31,640 rubles ($960) were received. Продолжить

Injured Tiger Found on Razdolnoe – Khasan Highway in the Vicinity of the Narva River

At 6 a.m. on April 20, 2009 the head inspector of Khasansky team of Inspection Tiger Zhenya Stoma received information from a casual driver about an injured tiger. Immediately upon obtaining the information the Khasansky team inspectors went to the scene. Продолжить

The Tiger Day Festival springs across the country

В этом годCelebration of a Tiger Day Festival is a wonderful tradition initiated several years ago in the Russian Far East by Phoenix, a local non-governmental organization, with support from the international community.у праздник “День Тигра” отмечали многие крупные города России. Продолжить