Public Environmental Investigation Team

Two public environmental investigation teams were established in March 2001 to enhance the protection work of the state agencies. In 2006 the teams merged into one. The team conducts patrols in Northern Primorye together with police officers, wildlife managers, and fishing inspectors. In addition to the anti-poaching work, the rangers organize conservation-oriented educational activities in local schools. Продолжить

Anti-Poaching Team of Lazovsky Nature Reserve

The Lazovsky Nature Reserve (Zapovednik), located in the southeast of the Primorsky region in the Southern Russian Far East on the Sea of Japan, was established in 1935. Since 1995, Lazovsky Zapovednik has been considered one of the best in Russia on the basis of their protection, education and outreach activities. Продолжить

Sergei Bereznuk became a winner of Rolex Global Awards for Enterprise

13 June 2012 – Five visionaries, whose projects have the potential to save millions of lives and protect endangered wildlife and ecosystems, have been announced in London as the 2012 winners of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Продолжить

Tiger in Schools

Alexander Vrisch, coordinator of Phoenix’s educational projects, presented an Educator’s Tool Kit on Amur tiger, including a Teacher’s Guide and a DVD. The Kit was developed by 20 educators from eight districts of Primorye, representatives of Wildlife Conservation Society-Russia, Greenpeace-Russia, Primorsky Institute for Further Training of Educators, Lazovsky Nature Reserve, and representatives of Khabarovsky National Pedagogical University and All-Russia Nature Conservation Society from Khabarovsky krai. Продолжить