Educational kit “Flora and Fauna of Russian Far East”

2006 Phoenix Fund and Primorsky Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Teachers with financial support from Vladivostok administration and with participation of “Computer Innovatiotions” Ltd. published educational kit “Flora and Fauna of Russian Far East” with teacher’s guides to them. Продолжить

Alarming Results of Amur Tiger Monitoring Programm

The estimated world-wide wild population of 100,000 tigers around 1900 has declined to as few as 3,000 individuals today and four tiger subspecies have become extinct in the wild. While tiger numbers have plummeted almost everywhere over their vast range in Asia over the past century, the Russian population showed a remarkable opposite trend. Продолжить

Workshop in Kirovka

Between July 4 and July 8 the Phoenix Fund and Primorsky Institute for Further Training of Educators organized a workshop “Biodiversity Conservation and New Methods in Ecological Education” in Kirovka town. Продолжить