Three Tigers Released Back to the Wild

On Thursday 22nd May 2014, after a long rehabilitation period three Amur tigers were released into the wild in Zhelundindsky Wildlife Refuge, which is the northwestern part of the Amur tiger range, in Amurskaya Oblast.  Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attended … Продолжить

Khabarovsky Team

Phoenix has been supporting the Khabarovsky anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger since 2001. The team consists of three experienced rangers and covers the southern part of the Khabarovsky region and northern border of the tiger habitat. In 2002 alone, the rangers confiscated three tiger skins from local villagers. Since its establishment, the team has drawn over 250 citations for violations of hunting regulations, confiscated 100 illegal rifles, 103 fishing nets and rescued several orphaned tiger cubs. Occasionally, the team is involved in the investigation of conflict tiger cases. The rangers also give lectures on ecological and nature conservation problems at local schools. Продолжить

New Home for Tigress

On February 18, in the vicinity of Orlovka village in Lesozavodsky district specialists of the Primorsky Game and Rare Species Department (Primorsky Hunting Management Department), Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science and Wildlife Conservation Society captured a female Amur tiger, who had previously killed two horses in a village. Продолжить