Primorsky Region

Primorsky region (Primorye) is situated in the south of the Russian Far East. It borders on Khabarovsky region of Russia in the north, People’s Republic of China and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the west and southwest, respectively, and is washed by the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in the east and the south. Primorye takes up 165,900 km2. Продолжить

Anyuisky National Park Asks for Help

Yesterday Director of the Anyuisky National Park Alexander Samarin contacted Phoenix. Alexander explained why he could not go on with protection of the Park: “There only 1250 rubles (equivalent of $40) left on our bank account, and we are not able to pay for fuels to conduct anti-poaching patrols next month.” Продолжить

Roar of Taiga Festival

On the 13th of October, 2001 in Slavyanka village of Khasan district the fifth annual ecological festival “Zov Taigi” (Roar of Taiga) was organised by the Culture department of the Khasan administration and Khasan anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger. Продолжить