Roar of Taiga Festival



On the 13th of October, 2001 in Slavyanka village of Khasan district the fifth annual ecological festival “Zov Taigi” (Roar of Taiga) was organised by the Culture department of the Khasan administration and Khasan
ant-poaching team of Inspection Tiger. Phoenix and Tigris sponsored the event.

Schoolchildren from all over Khasan came to participate in the festival. The Festival started at 11 a.m. with an art contest among the schoolchildren. Children and local artists performed specially prepared theatrical and musical performances in the central square and took part in ecological games and quizzes. The winners were awarded prizes from the organizers and sponsors of the festival.

Besides, near the building of the city administration there were set big posters
with kids’ drawings. The citizens and guests
of Slavyanka could enjoy the paintings and handmade toys even before the beginning
of the holiday. After the concert programme
the children from different regional schools made three teams depending on the age and were invited into the administration, there they were offered to present their vision of the environment and nature conservation with the help of paints and colour pencils.

During 2 hour worked children on their paintings and they gave heartto this work and expressed their thoughts on the paper. Among the winners in each of the age groups there were kids who received such prizes as “The best painting of a tiger”, “The best painting of a leopard”, “Innovative ideas” and many other.


The weather favoured the holiday as if it saved the last autumn warmth
for the people who strive to conserve the rich nature of the Russian Far East and hold this annual children’s holiday.

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