Amur Tiger Poacher Convicted in Russia’s Far East



Tiger killing for skin was committed last May.

Moscow, Feb 26  — RIA Novosti. The General Prosecutor’s Office reported on Wednesday that a hunter who had killed an Amur tiger in Primorsky krai was sentenced to correctional labor and a fine over 720 thousand roubles ($19,972).

It is said that a man had committed a crime in the forest not far from Dalny Kut village in May 2013. The hunter tracked down, shot and killed Amur tigress, and then skinned the animal and hid its skin by the side of the river.

“The Court sentenced the man to one year and six months of correctional labor. Taking into account a previous sentence given to him for theft, the poacher was convicted to two year and five months at strict regime prison” the office informed.

Also, the Court ordered the man pay restitution for ecological damage he caused and fined him more than 720 thousand roubles ($19,972).

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