Set of Tiger Bones Confiscated in Vladivostok


arestA set of tiger bones was confiscated on July 15, 2003 in Vladivostok commercial port.

Just weeks ago, the frontier guards received information that some people wanted to sell a set of tiger bones. The frontier guards joined forces with Inspection Tiger officers in order to conduct a thorough investigation and arrest illegal traders.
кости тиграTo discover the bones, one of frontier guards posed as a buyer and arranged a meeting with the owners of bones. Others made an ambush around the place of meeting. When the “buyer” received the bones, the frontier guards arrested illegal sellers. The sellers turned out to be cousins and one of them served as a police officer. They did not denied their intention to sell a set of tiger bones.
bonesAccording to explanation received from one of the sellers, the bones belong to a tiger killed one year ago in Terneisky district. During their visit to that district, they had an accident on the road. The guilty person of accident, a local villager, did not have money to indemnify them for losses and offered to take the tiger bones instead of money.

This case is not closed. One of arrested cousins is ready to show a man who gave them the bones. Investigation continues…

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