Children’s Tiger Book


Children's Tiger Book
In 2004 the Phoenix Fund in cooperation with AMUR and Moscow Zoo, and with support from 21st Century Tiger started implementation of ‘Amur tiger Education and Awareness’ project. Within the framework of this project in July 2005 the Phoenix Fund published children’s Tiger Book provided with Teacher’s Pack. The Tiger Book was created along the similar lines to the already very successful Leopard Book, which was developed a few years ago by ‘Zov Taigi’ and was in constant use in schools in the Russian Far East. The Tiger Book is specially written by Russian education/conservation experts for children aged 10-12. The Teacher’s Pack includes teaching notes and up to date information about Russian Amur tigers and conservation, ideas for games and competitions, information about what individual children can do to help conservation. In addition, Phoenix developed a tiger poster kit, which comprises 4 posters on tiger biology, ecology, prey species, conservation efforts and so on. This educational kit was provided to all schools in the Russian Far East, and part of copies was distributed among the schools in the western part of Russia. In 2007, Children’s Tiger Book was slightly edited, improved, reprinted, and distributed among broad audience.

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