Siberian tiger cub from Primorye found shelter in Moscow Zoo


tiger cubOn June 12, 2003 a seven-months old female tiger cub found shelter in Moscow Zoo.

In February 2003 the forestry officers found an emaciated three/four-months old tiger cub in Spassky district of Primorye, Russian Far East. It had frostbit paws and weighed only 12 kilograms. The officers enveloped the weak animal into warm clothes and sent it to the Rehabilitation Center near Spassk City. Since that time Phoenix, a local wildlife conservation organization, and other nature-oriented NGOs were looking for solutions on how to rehabilitate and conserve the cub.

tiger in cellAfter thorough negotiations the Moscow Zoo agreed to host the tiger cub and take care of it. The tiger cub went to the Moscow Zoo according to recommendation of the EEP coordinator Sarah Christie, and the female has been included into EEP co-operative program meaning that her future (location, breeding, etc.) will be managed for the benefits of the program.

Phoenix staff, Inspection Tiger officers, together with the Siberian Tiger Project specialists of WCS, organized and carried out transportation of the wild tiger cub to Vladivostok airport, from where it flew to Moscow and got into caring hands of the Zoo specialists.

After week quarantine the cub will be placed in a spacious forested enclosure, where it will be well cared of.

The funds for rescuing the cub were provided by Moscow Zoo and Save the Tiger Fund (US).

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