Udege Legend Gets First Aid


Russian NGOs with support from international donors helped the Udege Legend National Park in purchasing fire-fighting equipment and a patrol vehicle.

On 9 June 2008, the Park celebrated its first anniversary, and in this difficult time its authorities face the top priority task – to save rich biodiversity from poaching and fires. This is especially hard to do because the State has not yet provided the budget for the Park.

Environmental NGOs came to help: Amursky branch of WWF-Russia bought an UAZ all-road vehicle for the Park anti-poaching team. Phoenix with funds from our continuous donator Thomas Plant purchased fire-fighting equipment (backpack fire extinguishers, a blast engine, an electric generator, and a water pump). In case of a burning this will be enough to fit a team of 15 people. In the nearest future we will pass the Park GPS-navigators to fix itineraries and places of revealed violations.

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