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Young tigress Cinderella

Young tigress Cinderella


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Young tigress called Cinderella extremely needs your help! She is currently being prepared for her return to the wild, but lack of funding may leave her little chance for release back into her natural habitat. Cinderella will stay in the centre this winter; it is hoped that she will be released in early spring 2013.

Cinderella desperately needs your help! To rehabilitate and release the tigress in the wild is to give the Amur tiger population one more chance to increase its numbers. Just imagine how many cubs this female tiger can give birth to in her lifetime. At the moment we are asking concerned people to help us raise funds to feed the tigress during her stay at the centre.

This year, after one-year construction works in Primorsky province (Russian Far East), a new Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals» (PRNCO «Tiger Centre») finally opened its doors. And in April 2012 a young Amur tigress named “Cinderella” has become the first resident of the Centre.

The Cinderella’s story began in February 2012, when people found the young orphaned tigress in freezing conditions. She was unable to survive for long on her own. The animal aged approximately 5-6 months was so exhausted that she could be easily handled. Her foreleg and tail were frostbitten. According to the vets, if the female tiger had not been rescued that day, she would have died the next. The cub weighed up to 16 kilograms (35 lbs). First, it was decided to put the animal in quarantine for three weeks under constant control of veterinarians in an improvised shelter specially constructed by wildlife specialists. Then, after the tigress began to recover and gain weight, the specialists spent much time discussing the possibilities for her release back into the wild. A unanimous decision was to transport the female tiger to the rehabilitation centre where it would be taught hunting technics. At first, small animals like hares and badgers were to be put in a special enclosure with the tigress. Then, the predator would learn to hunt sika deer. During this “training course” the tigress must be completely isolated from people, so that the animal can develop a fear of humans.

Inspection Tiger Tigress at the centre

© Inspection Tiger
Tigress at the centre

With her first days in the centre, the tigress called Cinderella felt herself at home. She liked a cool den artificially made of rocks which gives her shelter at sunny and hot days. Also, Cinderella enjoys cooling down in a small pond near the den. Animal care staff can keep an eye on all her movements from an observation tower or by watching on-line videos from video cameras installed along the perimeter of the enclosure. The tigress has already learned to hunt hares, and now is gaining skills to hunt deer. The centre’s caretakers do their best to increase her chances for release in the wild. Cinderella will stay in the centre this winter and has a good chance of being released in March-April 2013.

We desperately need funding for her care over the winter. Your help would give Cinderella a better chance of returning to the taiga and potentially having her own cubs in the future. PLEASE DONATE NOW! Whatever you can give would be gratefully received. Thank you.

You can donate via Wildlife Alliance, our American partner, or through Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance.

If you would like to make a donation through the Wildlife Alliance donation portal, please choose ‘Phoenix Fund’ in ‘Designation’ section

By making a donation through the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance, please go to

Donations as of April 24, 2013

MonthDonations fromRaisedGoal to raise
MonthDonations fromRaisedGoal to raise
NovemberMoscow residents31,250 RU
#St.Petersburg residents4,500 RU
#Blagoveschensk residents1,000 RU
# Novosibirsk residents3,000 RU
#Vladivostok residents14,303 RU
# Spassk residents200 RU
# Arseniev residents300 RU
#Artyom residents300 RU
#Tomsk residents5,000 RU
#Tver residents300 RU
#Novotroitsk residents300 RU
# Ivanovo residents1,000 RU
DecemberKhimki residents500 RU
#Povarovo residents500 RU
#Khabarovsk residents1,700 RU
# Vladimir residents200 RU
#Moscow residents6,000 RU
#St.Petersburg residents3,000 RU
#Tomsk residents5,500 RU600000 RU
JanuaryVladivostok residents1,550 RU
#Arsenyev residents1,250 RU
#Moscow residents500 RU
FebruaryMoscow residents3,000 RU
#Arseniev residents900 RU
#Tomsk residents5,000 RU
MarchMoscow residents7,100 RU
#Arseniev residents2,100 RU
#Yakutsk residents7,400 RU
AprilArseniev residents800 RU
#Moscow residents2,500 RU
#Rodnichok eco-club, Slavyanka2,100 RU
TOTAL113,863 RURemaining: 486,137 RU

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