Animal Action Week, Vladivostok, October 2001



During the week October 1-7, 2001, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) together with Phoenix organised an annual Animal Action Week called “Our common world – the science saves the animals” in Vladivostok.

Animal Action Week has been organised and sponsored by IFAW for 9 years around the world. The goals
of the action week remain the same from year to year – to foster respect and love towards wildlife and all animals of the planet.

whale song

This year, the Action emphasised scientists who dedicate their work to conservation of rare and endangered
species and their habitat on the planet. Many secondary and high schools, as well as the youth organisations
(such as The Regional Nature Conservation Society and the students’ group “Manchzhur”) of Vladivostok, joined the Action. Although efforts are focused around the actual week, activities are far from limited to just those seven days. Many people get involved long before and continue with their efforts well after. People can take action to save animals as part o the campaign at their convenience.


During the Action, the children watched a video on a marine mammal research on a vessel called Song of the Whale. Children learned more about the activities of the IFAW. They also took part in the “Live nature around a tree” project (it is planned that children make an inventory and investigation on the wildlife they find around one tree: insects, plants etc).

Within the action week we gathered more than 3,000 signatures to halt “scientific hunt” for whales. A conservation – oriented art contest will be carried out. The children’s drawings will be sent to the capital of Russia – Moscow, and the winners will be awarded memorable prizes. An estimated 400 schools, clubs and youth organisations of the Russian Federation will take part in it.

child painting


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