Biological diversity of Primorsky region (animals).


Biological diversity of Primorsky region (animals).
In 2006, Phoenix Fund and Primorsky Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Teachers with financial support from Vladivostok administration and with participation of “Computer Innovatiotions” Ltd. developed two multimedia encyclopedias “Biological diversity of Primorsky region (animals)” and “Sea inhabitants of Russian Far Southeast”. More than 50 employees of research institutes of the Far Eastern branch of Russian Academy of Science and Pacific Fish Research Centre contributed to the editions.
Educational illustrative materials “Sea inhabitants of Russian Far Southeast” are intended for educational establishments and ecological centers of Russian Far East. The CD contains 33 educating articles, photos and videos of more than 250 plant and animal species of Sea of Japan, posters accompanied with teacher’s guides, brief physiographic characterization and a map of the sea, and also recommendations for use of the CD at the lessons.
Multimedia anthology “Biological diversity of Primorsky region (animals)” is destined for educational institutions and ecological centers of Russian Far East. “Reading-book” chapter consists of 80 educating articles illustrated with photos and pictures. Species list contains 600 photographs, 38 video fragments and 18 sound files on 417 animal species inhabiting the Ussuri taiga. Maps chapter comprises 29 maps of specially protected territories and species habitats.

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