Zov Tigra National Park


“The Roar of the Tiger” in Zov Tigra National Park

Divny Waterfalls

© Phoenix
Divny (Marvelous) Waterfalls

Zov Tigra National Park (Roar of the Tiger), established in 2008, offers both adventure and nature observation opportunities. The highest mountains of Primorye (Mt. Oblachnaya 6,108 ft and Mt. Snezhnaya 5,524 ft), waterfalls, and crystal clear water give the Park incredible attractiveness. The 200,000-acre park protects the Amur tiger habitat while simultaneously allowing for nature tourism. The breadth of natural opportunities concentrated in the Park have no analogues in any other protected area of the Russian Far East: as many as 57 rare and endangered plant species and six mammals, listed in the Red Book, inhabit the protected area. The most beautiful river of Primorye and seven waterfalls are located in the Park. The Ussuri River, the longest and mightiest one in Primorye, begins here. Tourists are always amazed by the size of cedar—the trees are often more than 300 years old.

ZSL/Zov Tigra National Park Two deer

© ZSL/Zov Tigra National Park
Two deer

If you feel that mountain hiking, backpacking, rafting, camping and wildlife watching are the necessity in your life, welcome to Zov Tigra National Park! You can join the Park’s guardians and conduct wildlife survey or an anti-poaching patrol if you wish to experience nature first-hand. Breathtaking adventures and majestic wilderness await you! We will offer you unforgettable days filled with the activities you choose. The Park is open for visitors all year round; however the best season to visit it is August – October. A price of a special tailored tour for individuals and small groups varies from $2,500 to $4,000 per person.

ZThills fox
cone winter

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